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Forward Controls


These controls extend out (or in) your legs and completely change the comfort of you V-Rod.  When your knees are bent significantly you will find yourself hugging the airbox by pulling your knees inward.  This causes fatigue on even short trips.  If you have ever put your heel on the peg to get more comfortable then you know what I am talking about.  Also when your leg is not as bent, using the toepegs becomes much more comfortable.  


​You will need new toepegs that are at least an inch longer than stock and you need a set of 2 (one for each side).  The stock arms bend out but these do not.  See below for toepegs that match the controls exactly.  All controls regardless of year come with axles (formally pro axle option on 2012+ bikes)

(New) Video on YouTube

Install Instructions 2012

Install Instructions (2002-2011)

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