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Turn Signal Relocators


If you have spacers between the shock and the frame, you do not need new bolts.  The relocator brackets will replace the stock spacers.  If you do not, you will need to get new shock bolts that are 1/2"-3/4" longer than stock. You can install the brackets without a lift or spring compressors but it is much easier to have the bike on a lift. 


The rear of the brackets have a recess to run wires and exits right near the shock.  Y you will need to get new signals.  Ebay is a great place to get them.  Ones shown are LED metal lights and were only $35 on EBay.  On pre-2012 bikes you may need a load balancer if using LED lights. 

Complete LED Turn Signals


This all in one solution replaces your rear signals with a super bright LED.  Modeled to look like a shock reservoir it is as unobtrusive as possible.  They are centered down the shock body and stick out way less than other solutions. Available in both amber and red LEDs.  These will fit under the 2012+ fender.


When using any LED lights it may be necessary to use a load balancer.  We recommend the Biketronics 801v as it is plug and play.

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