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Frequently Asked Questions


This is the place for helpful information for commonly asked questions.  

What size tire can I put on my stock rim (stock 240)?

Yes you can put a 280 on the stock rim.  No don't do it.  The rim is not wide enough and will squeeze the tire causing it to deform and be taller.  It will not look much, if any, wider than a 260.  Also you will not have the road contact that the tire was designed around since you are squeezing it.

Why should I not use the $50 daymaker from amazon?

Daymakers are all much brighter than stock.  From the $50 on amazon to the $500+ JW Speaker lights that we carry.  In fact, many of the very cheap daymakers are actually brighter than the JW or Eagle lights.  But brightness does not make a light good, dispersion pattern does.  Most people think of more lumens as being a better light.  Many of the chinese daymakers you see on amazon know this and do anything to make the lumens higher.  This can be done in 2 crappy ways.  First is to overdrive the LEDs.  It will produce more light but will fail much more quickly.  The other way is actually worse.  They focus the beam into a smaller pattern.  Put more light where you are measuring the output.  This is straight up dangerous.  The first Daymaker I rode was an amazon Daymaker and it lasted 2 days.  First time I rode at night, I couldn't see ANYTHING to the sides.  Could barely see the curb, nevermind whatever wildlife was waiting to dart in front of me.  I switched to the Eagle Halo and it was night and day difference (pun intended).  The JW Speaker adaptive is considered the best in the world.  JW actually makes HD Daymakers so you know they are good.  The Adaptive Daymaker actually turns on auxiliary LEDs as you lean into a corner.  This illuminates through the corner better than anything.  With a stock light you have so much light bleed that leaning into corners barely changes the light through the corner.  Daymakers have a line like the HIDs in you car so it makes a much bigger difference when you lean into corners.  

Daymaker comparison (for cars but explains different light output)

JW Speaker Adaptive:

One last thing regarding Daymakers: they are much less visible than the stock light during the day.  This is why all Daymakers have half moon aux lights.  Personally I love the Eagle Halos because the halo is VERY visible during the day.  Below is the Eagle Gen2 Halo.  The main light is on, but off axis you can barely see it.

Why don't you carry body kits?

Body kits are very popular (some designs too popular).  There seems to be a bunch of different people making kits, and honestly a bunch of them are of very questionable quality.  Any money you save by getting a cheaper kit will probably end up costing you more once you get it prepped for paint and it won't fit right.  We pride ourselves on making great parts.  If they every fail to meet your standards, we will make it right or take it back.  With how bad body kits can be, we won't risk our reputation on them.

Grommet Leak

The grommet on the shift side of the engine is a known culprit of leaking.  Here is a video on how to fix it:

Gas gauge doesn't work right

It never will.  Use your trip computer.  Figure out how many miles you get out of a tank.  Usually with the 5 gallon tank you can get 125-150 depending on your riding style.  You can spend a bunch of money and get new parts and they will fail again.

I have mid controls and want forwards

If you have mids and want forwards, you will need stock harley parts.  Hardest one to find is the right lower frame rail.  You need one that has the brake master cylinder mount (be sure to get one with that, most of ebay these days do not have it).  If you get a 2012+ frame rail you must get both sides because the way the controls mount changed in 2012.  You will need controls (again if you have 2012+ frame rails be sure to purchase 2012+ forward controls) and the following parts from HD:

VNM 33797-02 Shift Link
BMD 42585-01 M/C
BMD 7951 Jam Nut
BMD 42409-01 Conduit
DS 120020 Hydraulic Brake Line
CS 662031 36" Brake Line 
CS 14019 45 Degree fitting
CS 14020 90 Degree Fitting
BMD 42460-80B
BMD 515
BMD 7744
BMD 42682-01

This is not an easy or cheap conversion, but many people want mids so you can try to find someone to swap or sell your mids outright when you convert.  If you plan on selling make sure you get a rear motor mount (where the swingarm attaches on the brake side) to be able to sell the kit complete.

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