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Vegas Arms for Flipped Reduced Reach Pegs

Arm kit for people who have flipped their stock 2012+ reduced reach pegs or the HD reduced reach pegs for 2002-2011.  Does not fit Muscles.

Vegas Arms for Flipped Reduced Reach Pegs

  • For all you people that have flipped your reduced reach peg setup to gain a little more legroom, this is the kit for you!  You probably like the new foot position better but using the toepegs (especially on the brake side) requires you to remove your foot from the pegs.  This kit extends the topegs forward 1.5" and down .5".  This will put the topeg where it was before you flipped them.  The only downside to this setup is you will drag your pegs more in cornering.  This is because when you flip the reduced reach it puts the peg lower.  You will need new toepegs for this kit and we recommend ones that are at least .75"-1" longer than stock.  This is because the stock arms bend out from the bike and these are flat.

    For the ultimate setup, check out the full extended control kits we make. 

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