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US Pro Sidemount Plate
Clean up that ugly dog's ass with a new sidemount plate.  Sidemount attaches to your lower shock bolt (you need one a half an inch longer than stock).  You can get the bolts from HD.

The Pro Sidemount differs from the regular sidemount in 2 distinct ways.  First, there are no bolts visible from the top.  The bolts are on the bottom so it has a super clean appearance.  Second, the faceplate fits over the baseplate so the plate looks like one piece from the side instead of being able to see the plate sandwitched between like most sidemounts.

US Pro Sidemount Plate

  • You can run the wire through the swingarm and up under the fender to the stock location to tie into the stock wiring.

    Muscle owners be sure to order with the optional bracket.  The bracket is required because of the exhaust on the left side of the bike.  You do not need this if you have a single sided exhaust.

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