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JW Speaker Adaptive 2 Daymaker and mount
This is a complete headlight replacement for your vrod.  Includes the incredible 5 3/4" JW Speaker LED light with adaptive leds.  This will turn on additional LED as you lean into corners to better illuminate the road as opposed to the ground.  JW speaker is the maker of the Harley Daymaker.  You must have the oval type headlight that is not in a cowl.  It attaches with (2) 6mm bolts from the sides just like the stock bucket.  You can choose options below for adding a DRL or turn signals.  The DRL and turn signals are Chrome Glow and are very bright.

JW Speaker Adaptive 2 Daymaker and mount

$790.00 Regular Price
$680.00Sale Price
  •   Available in satin black, gloss black and polished.  We recommend the satin black as the gloss shows scratches a lot more.  Polished finish is NOT a show polish.  It will be better than the stock triple trees but not near chrome.  Contact us if you want a raw finish that you will finish yourself for a discount.

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