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Installing the Daymaker

Step 1: Remove the shroud from the bike and remove the stock headlight by removing the (2) 6mm bolts on the side

Step 2: If you bought just the mount and need to install the headlight follow these instructions, otherwise skip to Step 3.

  1. Take the base (thick part) and put the headlight in it so that the bottom of the headlight matches the bottom of the base.  The bottom of the base is where the (2) side holes are on the bottom.  If you look at the base you will see that the top of the base is rounded and the bottom has the holes and an angle into the curve.

  2. Test fit the headlight.  Put the headlight into the base and then put the face on the top.  Make sure when you press the 2 parts together, the headlight is secure and not floating free.  I have come to the realization that the tollerances on these headlights is incredibly loose.  This is probably because the stock harley headlight the face screws on to the base and sandwitches the light so it can be thicker or thinner.  Since our mount does not do that it means that the headlight can be a little bit thin.  If it is floating I suggest using some 3m double sided tape and cutting it into curved strips and putting it on the ridge where the headlight sits on the base.  They don't have to go all the way around, just (4) 2" or so strips where the bolts go in.

  3. Once everything is secure, use the included bolts to secure the face to the base.  Make sure the bottom of the light is at the bottom of the base and the holes for the LED wire (if you have them) are lined up (on the bottom).  Do not over tighten the bolts!

  4. If you have DRL or turn signal LEDs, run the wire through the holes

Step 3: To install the mount into the shroud, place the headlight face down and slide it into the mount from the back (see figure a below) making sure the top of the light is facing "forward" so when you rotate the light up, the light is the right side up.  Insert the bolts in the sides but do not tighten them down.  Leave them pretty loose.

Step 4: Rotate the light up, but not even with the shroud.  When the light is installed, it will not be parallel to the shroud, but perpendicular (or so) to the ground.  If you try to rotate this all the way so it is parallel to the shroud, the face of the light will hit the side of the shroud.  

Step 5:  Determine your wiring at this point.  See below for wiring instructions/ suggestions.

Step 6: Once the wiring is all done, plug wiring in and make sure all functions work.

Step 7: Install shroud back on bike, align headlight, and tighten 6mm bolts.  Do not over tighten the bolts.

Slide mount into the shroud from the back with the top of the mount (smooth curve side) in the front.

This is the approximate angle of the headlight you should leave until installed on the bike.


There is only one way to properly wire the Daymaker H4.  You need to cut the H9 and H11 plugs off the stock harness and hardwire an H4 plug.  Do not use an H4 to H9/H11 adapter.  It will blow the fuse.  Take the stock headlight wire colors and match them to the H4 adapter.  If you bought the H4 adapter from us, the colors match up like this:

Stock color   |   h4 color
black                   black

yellow                 red

white                   green

You can wire the 2 black stock wires to the single H4 black wire.

Out of the stock headlight harness are wires for ground (black), low beam (yellow) and high (white).  The connect to the H4 like this.

JW wire colors:

Black = Ground

White = High Beam

Yellow = Low Beam

Red = Front Position*


*Front position light is a requirement outside the United States. If your bike is operated in the United States you do not need to connect this wire unless your bike is equipped with a front position light

Eagle wire colors:

red is high

yellow is low

black is ground

Daymaker Instructions


Here are some helpful instructions on installing your daymaker headlight.  Please read these through as some things are not obvious until you realize a couple of things.

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